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The Bakers Daughters

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The Baker’s Daughters’ is the true story of Henry Allen, the Baker from Berrima, who lived in the Stone House in the late 1800s, the house that I now live in. Henry and his wife had two young daughters, Gwyneth and Edith, who tragically drowned in the Wingecarribee River that runs behind the property. This event devastated their family and the small community of Berrima.


The Bakers Daughters

Henry Allen was a hardworking man
made his home in the Highlands
built a life baking bread
Sarah Mason stood by his side
was a woman of such high standing
she became the bakers wife
and the river runs deep
the river runs wide

they raised a family
grew prosperous and thrived
lived in the grand old stone house
Wingecarribee running behind
all the bakers daughters
and all the bakers sons
they would bathe in the river in summer
until one day they didn't come home
and the river runs deep
the river runs wide

I live in this stone house
of that hard working man
and of a woman of such high standing
try to understand
when I walk by the river
that took the bakers daughters
how a small southern town cried
for two little girls that night
and a mother lost all of her reasons to live
a baker grew bitter and angry with grief
and the river runs wide
the river runs deep